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The terms and conditions contained in this section apply to all users of the system of reservations on this site. By accepting, you are subject to all content.

The reservation system of this site ranges from the application of space and rates until the confirmation of the reservation. For clarity, it includes all the navigation within the domain, links, micro-sites and sub-domains derivatives thereof.
The reservation system is an application to facilitate user access to rates and availability.

All descriptions, hotel category, room categories, rates, availability, payment policies, cancellation policies and in general all the information is provided and authorized directly by the hotel and other service providers.
Reservations processed through this system are made directly to the hotel and hotel approval.

All prices, rates and service charges are subject to change without notice as the hotel does not accept full payment of the reservation, even after the user performed the relevant transaction by credit card or bank transfer. The user and the hotel understand that acceptance of the full payment is made at the time not to make the hotel a notice of cancellation or refund of the payment transaction within 48 hours after the fact, and having sent the hotel a press reconfirmation of booking.
You understand that taxes are collected by law and prepayment does not guarantee that the percentage or amount of the same will not change, but is subject to change without notice. The date of application of taxes and their respective percentages are subject to the laws.

Payments, deposits and cancellation penalties, when applied, are made by users directly to the hotel and directly deposited through credit card payments or deposits to bank accounts of the hotel. All bank and credit card setting references are directly provided by the hotel.

The reservation system is owned by Hotel Tabachines, and is provided as a computer service hotel. According to Mexican and international law, the partial or total reproduction of this work is strictly prohibited, including but not limited to graphic design, concepts, applications, operating structure, combination of colors, order of presentation and navigability.

Mexican law
You agree that the transactions made in this system of reservations made by direct contact between the user and the hotel. The contract to Mexican Official Standard NOM-010-TUR-2001 is signed concerns physical or tacitly during registration in hotel management or to use the services of other providers, according to the same standard.
Operations at this site are handled with high standards of security and information management is done in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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